Vendell's Personal Page

        The two servers running my homelab are a TrueNAS machine and a Lenovo thin client.

Ryzen 3 3200G

3x 6TB HDD
1x 256GB SSD

Pentium G2020T

        The TrueNAS server is obviously the main workhorse.
        The 3 HDDs are in a zRAID1 configuration, providing me with 12TB of usable storage with one parity drive.
        Directly connected to my PC with a 2.5G link its a quite good storage server.

IRC Server

The IRC server is running UnrealIRCd with Atheme IRC Services. I switched over from ngircd because of some missing features.
As pretty much everything else, it is behind an nginx reverse proxy for the Webserver, but its port 6697 is also forwarded for direct access.


The (all things considered pretty pointless) stauspage is runnning Uptime Kuma in a Docker container.
Hosted on the thin client it's independent from most other services. Currently Offline.

Tor Mirror

The clearnet version of this site is sadly barely usable over TOR, only sometimes managing to connect. So there is an onion version set up on a FreeBSD jail with nginx.


Octoprint has its own FreeBSD jail, and takes care of managing my Ender 3 V2. Remote access is realized with the plugin OctoEverywhere.
There is a Raspberry Pi running purely for a http stream of a shitty webcam I bought, since I couldnt figure out how to get the stream working inside the jail.


      There are a couple more services and that dont really require their own section, I will also give a brief description of the various VMs and bare metal servers:
      Speedtest-Tracker does a Speedtest every hour, tracking my abysmal DSL performance. It is a Docker container on Ubunfour.
      I do have a Mumble server, but it's currently unused and not public.
      Ubunfour is a VM on Truenas running Docker, responsible for an nginx reverse proxy, Agnaistic and the afforementioned speedtest tracker.
      Ubunfive is a VM on Truenas currently not doing anything, it's planned to host a Discord bot for a friend.
      Ubunsix is the hostname of the thin client, running Docker for the Statuspage. I plan to move the reverse proxy to it aswell.
      Binbows is a Windows VM running my Discord bot, currently on Windows for compatibility reasons, normally it resides on Ubunfour.
      It's all quite messy and unorganized, and too many things depend on the TrueNAS server, though it has been pretty stable.