Vendell's Personal Page

        This website is part of the Lainchan Webring. It is a decentralized webring created by the fine people over at Lainchan.
        The sites in the sidebar are some of the members, but I have been inspired by their pages, so I feel like giving them their own space is honorable.
        (Also I just wanted a sidebar and couldnt think of anything else to put in a sidebar.)
        A more complete list, mostly ripped straight from, is below.

        My banners are:

Yukinu Ophanim getimiskon's space jyushimatsu FönixFogelFuchs Xerophyte tinfoil-hat Nightt's retro art Alice In Wonderland Syndrome Jake's thoughts Jake's mail MayVaneDay Studios lich's website Underground Web Cyberpunk Community Project Saltorn J. Frank Parnell Urist saturnexplorers Strings From The Network Lilibyte Slime-Net Bendersteed Hellish Chemicals The Swiss Bay Freetext J@ck#91 Xenobyte Flammable Duck Blaise Haskell Gap and friends purplevoid sizeof(cat) The Extramundane Cosmica Omicron Setup WorkingSea Luke's Cabin Protocol 7 Beedge Dead End Shrine Online Digilord Godcock Karar No Sleep Room 4 hen6003 diskmagvp thephilosopherslibrary mm4rk3t kassy Cabbage Sorter oedo808 xn-neko jole Confusion's Blog Morituri Te Salutant Agora Road Unpop Driftt Chaox Evergreen Mazak Small Thoughts Spectrum of Consciousness Liberty Witch Ty3r0x lckdscl qmaury galladite halogen stars Kirillov nerdbox orizuru rain tocxjo New Digital Era Nomadalgia S-Config Grafo Zone interloper minimalist services czar's blog vd1r Neet Ventures The Arcade CozyNet SCIO Navy Joe's Homepage SillyLaird Home of Swindles Present Day, Present Time torchan varchar() Nick's Place Jahan's site Homepage of a Mad Man yo252yo a7'th Layer n1l webspace Angels Are Mathematical Άνδρος Giggles Cave shrapnelnet Microbyte gamajun REDchanit Crystal Website Kalokagathia MkUltraVictim Hor32 LainNet mauwQ goodboyjojo Idelides Psychool xiixiixii slushbin nauxnam Black OR White Nihilism Network Gau7ilu Barkod's Basement splashy Kinisis eyetower voicedrew ~Ful4[.]