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December 12th 2023 22:19
The way I store and display these posts is extremely bad and inefficient and whatnot. Look I'm a C# dev, not a PHP one, yuck.
Regardless, I want to talk about why I've deceided to redo the website and actually use it. I think most of the readers will agree that the direction the internet is currently headed to is not the best. Blockchain here and AI there, "Web3" as they call it, you can't really escape it. All of our data is owned by giant companies instead of ourselves, people have moved on from personal websites and blogs like this to giant social media platforms. Content is being spoonfed to us on infinitely scrolling feeds. Though I won't pretend to not be a part of the whole thing. I have Twitter and Reddit and all, hell, I spend most of my waking hours on Discord. But It's nice to know that theres still loads of people out there making their own webpages and blogs. It's been great clicking through all of the sites on the Webring, seeing what everyone has created. A lot of that individualism is lost on say, a Twitter profile. And I want to be part of the effort to conserve that. And what better way to do that than write my own blog posts, engage with the community of people who feel the same way.